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3 Benefits of Business Security You Didn’t Know About

Go Beyond Securing Your Valuables with a Smart Business Security System from

3 Benefits of Business Security You Didn’t Know About

Businesses small and large are increasingly switching to smarter security systems for benefits such as live video monitoring, mobile alerts for detected motion, keyless access control, and more. In fact, your Indiana business may already implement a smart security solution like to ensure your staff and valuables are safe whether you’re in the store or away.

While offers extensive features to proactively protect your business, the benefits of an business security system don’t stop there. Not sure if you’re maximizing the power of your system? Learn what else offers you and your Fort Wayne-area business below.

3 Essential Components of a Top-Notch Commercial Security System

Keep Your Business Safe with these Reliable Security Solutions

3 Essential Components of a Top-Notch Commercial Security System

Running a business entails a variety of responsibilities: building sales funnels, researching the competition, managing staff, nurturing customer relationships, and much more. Your arms are stretched in several directions every day, so why would you want to tack on more stress with an out-of-date commercial security system?

Today’s security systems are smarter than they’ve ever been. A robust, reliable system installed by our team at Innovative Concepts offers you smart solutions such as 24/7 video surveillance, remote access management, and integration with technologies like your thermostats and lights for more comprehensive control.

Is your business’ security system lagging behind? Read below to explore the essential components of a top-notch security system that your Fort Wayne, Indiana, business needs now.

Why Add Smart Capability to a Commercial Security System?

Go Beyond Standard Security With the Help of Innovative Concepts AV

Why Add Smart Capability to a Commercial Security System?

If you own a business, regardless of whether you’re in DeKalb County or elsewhere within the state of Indiana, you know just how vital a security system is to your company.

Just take this 2013 survey of convicted burglars from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, for example. Out of the more than 400 respondents, 83 percent said they would look for an alarm before attempting a robbery. Another 60 percent said they would pursue a different target if an alarm system were present.

Those are significant incentives to encourage you to invest in a commercial security system so you can keep your in-office or in-store assets secure.

But what about those instances in which the burglar doesn’t consider the presence of a surveillance setup? How will your business be prepared to respond?

At Innovative Concepts, we believe the best way to secure your business is through a smart security presence. We explain what that means for your company below.