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Why Add Smart Capability to a Commercial Security System?

Go Beyond Standard Security With the Help of Innovative Concepts AV

Why Add Smart Capability to a Commercial Security System?

If you own a business, regardless of whether you’re in DeKalb County or elsewhere within the state of Indiana, you know just how vital a security system is to your company.

Just take this 2013 survey of convicted burglars from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, for example. Out of the more than 400 respondents, 83 percent said they would look for an alarm before attempting a robbery. Another 60 percent said they would pursue a different target if an alarm system were present.

Those are significant incentives to encourage you to invest in a commercial security system so you can keep your in-office or in-store assets secure.

But what about those instances in which the burglar doesn’t consider the presence of a surveillance setup? How will your business be prepared to respond?

At Innovative Concepts, we believe the best way to secure your business is through a smart security presence. We explain what that means for your company below.


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Smart vs. Standard Security Systems

When we consider smart security and standard security systems, one major difference stands out: With an intelligent business security solution, you can take control of your in-office or in-store system from anywhere in the world.

Imagine this scenario. You were the last one out of the office for the day, and as you approach home, you can’t remember whether you locked the doors or activated the alarm system on the way out.

With an ordinary security system, you likely won’t know until the next morning whether you actually locked the doors or turned on the alarms.

Here’s how that scenario would play out with a smart business security solution for your business: You get out of your car right when you get home and notice that you already have an alert sent to your phone indicating your establishment is empty, and there are unlocked doors and a disarmed alarm system.

Now, you know to take action. From your own smartphone, you then can access an application that will allow you to arm your system and lock equipped doors remotely. Instantly, your store or office will be secure.

Being able to manage your system remotely is just one part of what makes a smart security solution so useful. We explain more in the section below.


Smart Security Custom Notifications

One of the best components of a smart security solution is that it empowers the end user to be proactive.

What do we mean? As part of our professional security installation at your establishment, we can include technologies such as carbon monoxide and flood detectors, glass-break, smoke and motion sensors, and more.

By connecting these technologies with a control panel that integrates with a smart control solution, you can receive a custom push notification on your smartphone any time one of these sensors are triggered.

Here’s just one example. You and your family are eating dinner together over the weekend, long after business hours. Your flood sensor detects water in your establishment. Instantly, your system will send a push notification to your phone.

You then open the alert and remotely view footage of live security cameras within your office or store. You notice there, indeed, is an emerging flood. You then can quickly take action and avoid any further damage to your company.

Similarly, you can take quick action in the event of an intrusion to your business. Not only will you instantly be alerted to the break-in and view live camera footage, but you can contact emergency services directly from your control application.

Our team at Innovative Concepts also offers 24-hour, 7-days-a-week remote monitoring for your smart commercial security system, meaning you can always have a proactive eye on your business at all times.


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