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Which Commercial Networking Solution is Right For Your Business?

Get Reliable Internet Service From Your Smart Technology

Which Commercial Networking Solution is Right For Your Business?

It’s no secret that a commercial automation system is only as good as its network. If you want reliable service from the connected devices in your Decatur, Indiana business, you’ll need a network that’s capable of supporting each of them without lag. But every system is unique, and factors like the amount of devices you need to control and the building you work in can make a big impact on your commercial networking choices. This blog will take you through the benefits of wired and wireless networks, to help ensure you make the right call for your business. Read on to learn more.

A Wired Network

We connect all of your devices with a wired network by running cable through your spaces. Our team keeps cords and wires invisible by placing them in the walls and under the floor to increase reliability and prevent damage. Wired networks are very reliable and secure, but can be problematic when they need to be serviced.

When devices are connected to each other directly via wires there’s little chance for confusion among signals, which makes connections faster and more reliable. This is essential for businesses with advanced telecommunication needs. Moreover, they’re among the most secure networks, because a physical connection would be needed to attack it. Even though the world is becoming wireless at a rapid pace, a wired network is still essential for businesses around the globe.

The primary drawback of a wired network is the expense – like a damaged cable or loose connection – you’ll need a professional installer to come in for maintenance. This could cost more than repairs to a wireless network, but because quality wires are durable and usually secured behind walls, damage is rare, making repairs infrequent.

A Wireless Network

With laptops, tablets and smartphones becoming regular fixtures in the commercial landscape, there’s no getting around the need for a wireless network. This is a network that uses Wi-Fi signals to keep devices connected throughout your business.

There are plenty of benefits to a wireless network: access via all connected devices to important files, information and co-workers. If your employees can’t be at their desks at all times, they can still be productive and efficient. However, they also stand the risk of unwanted attacks.

While there are more protections than ever before regarding wireless network security, it’s still important to be aware of very basic protections for your business. Network authentication, intrusion detectors and anti-malware programs should be installed on every device connected to your wireless network, and employees should be informed of the risks before joining the network.

At the moment, both types of networks are important tools for running a business in the digital age. You’ll most likely end up with a mixed network, with a combination of wired and wireless solutions. If you have any questions, or would like to enhance your business’ efficiency with commercial networking solutions, contact us today.