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What Can You Control Through a Home Automation System?

Explore the Possibilities for Your House in Northeast Indiana

What Can You Control Through a Home Automation System?

Through the years on our blog, we have explored many topics about smart home automation: We dove into the benefits of it, explained how to ensure a successful system and more.

But what if you’re just starting to think about adding a home automation system to your house in Huntertown or elsewhere in Northeast Indiana?

Perhaps you haven’t done much research on the topic and you’re just now looking into it. You might have several questions, including some basic ones such as what even are the technologies that a home automation setup can control?

In fact, one of the best benefits of home automation is how you can simplify the controls for a wide range of technologies throughout your house.

Below, we detail some of the many technologies that you can manage through an integrated home system.



One of the most common inclusions within any home automation setup is an intelligent lighting system.

Our team of smart home installation experts examines your home’s lighting control infrastructure and carefully makes adjustments to it; transforming it into a smart system that you can manage through more than just the standard on/off switch.

Not only will you be able to turn lights on and off from your control device of choice – whether it’s your smartphone, in-wall touchscreen panel, remote or laptop – but you also can dim lights and create multi-room lighting scenes accessible through just the tap of a button.

For day-to-day technology usage, this is especially useful. If you’re watching TV with the family in the evening and you notice the lights are too bright, you don’t need to get up from your seat. Instead, you can access your control application and dim the lights without getting up.

Additionally, you also can automate lighting scenes – for example, at sunrise you can command for your property’s outdoor lights to instantly turn off, or at 6 a.m. every morning you can schedule for your master bedroom lights to turn on at 30 percent brightness as you wake up in the morning.


By upgrading to motorized shades at your house, you can control your window treatments directly through your home automation system.

Of course, shades play a critical role in any household – not only can they prevent solar heat gain in the summer and insulate your interiors in the winter – but they sometimes can be a hassle to manage manually.

Through a motorized shading solution connected to your home automation setup, though, you can raise and lower shades and open and close blinds, directly from your universal control application.

You even can schedule your shading in advance. This especially might be useful during summer days, when direct sunlight enters through your windows and heats up your home’s interior.

Best of all, though, you aren’t limited by design options when you upgrade to motorized window treatments. There are a variety of designs and styles you can choose from, with one sure to complement your home.


One of our favorite features of a home technology integration solution is that it allows you to potentially enjoy multi-room audio or even multi-room video.

If you have a wireless speaker system or professionally installed whole-home system with speakers scattered throughout your house, you can control them through your smart home system.

Through the control application, you can select which rooms you want music to play in and choose the audio source and playlist or album through just the tap of your screen. Instantly, your system will recognize the command and begin playing your favorite songs.

Likewise, you also can use your integrated home system to manage TVs and other video sources throughout your house – eliminating the need for dozens of remotes.

Just check out this short video describing how you can manage your TVs through a Control4 smart home system.


We at Innovative Concepts AV know that keeping your family safe is a top priority. That’s why we recommend including smart security components into your home automation system.

For example, you can replace manual locks with smart locks that you can control from your mobile device. Or you can add garage door sensors that notify you whenever your garage door is left open after a set amount of time.

Some other common features within a smart security system within your integrated home system include home surveillance cameras that you can view directly from your control application, remote ability to arm your alarm system and quick access contact emergency services at a moment’s notice.

Climate Control

One additional feature of an encompassing home control system is that it can integrate with and manage other brands’ devices.

A Control4 system that might manage all of your home’s lights, shades, audio/video components and security systems, for example, can also manage your Nest thermostat and environmental sensors.

Not only can you acquire the ability to control your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world, but you also can instantly be alerted to any detection of smoke or carbon monoxide gas in your house.

When you have a smart home, not only do you experience simplified control over your day-to-day usage of technology. Your home also proactively acts to keep your family safe.

Interested in learning more about adding a home automation system to your house in the Huntertown or Northeast Indiana area? Want to find out some other technologies you can control that we didn’t mention in this post?

Reach out to our team at Innovative Concepts AV today by calling us at (260) 724-2276 or by chatting live with us below. We look forward to hearing from you!