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What are the Benefits of a Commercial Audio Video Installation?

Find Out Whether an Audio/Video Setup Can Boost Your Business

What are the Benefits of a Commercial Audio Video Installation?

Commercial audio video systems are never a one-size-fits-all solution.

The technologies that might work best within a restaurant might not fit well in an office environment. Likewise, an audio video system for a retail location might not work well at a place of worship.

That being said, there is one thing in common that these different types of businesses share: They all can benefit from a customized commercial audio video installation.

At In­­novative Concepts AV, we can craft audio video systems for any business in the Fort Wayne area.

But how can one benefit your workplace? We give examples for multiple types of businesses in the sections below.

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1) Add Convenience to Day-to-Day Workplace Tasks

Consider, for a moment, how much time your employees spend daily trying to operate your workplace technology.

In office and conference room environments, this especially can be problematic. The chances are that without a professional installation, it takes significant amounts of time to get ready for a presentation or video conference call; and even then, there are no guarantees everything will work the way you want.

With a professionally installed audio video system from our team at Innovative Concepts AV, conference room meetings become simplified. Not only can you and your employees enjoy integrated control that makes managing your boardroom audio and video systems simple, but our installations also feature networking and high-performance speaker and presentation technologies that deliver a best-in-class and effortless experience every time.

Likewise, if you own a restaurant or bar here in the Fort Wayne area, your employees might spend unnecessary amounts of time finding the right remote when a customer requests a specific TV channel – time that otherwise could be spent toward more effective activities.

An audio video installation at your establishment can eliminate this issue through our team integrating the controls for your many screens into one universal interface accessible through a tablet or in-wall touchscreen panel. That way, with just a couple taps of the screen, your employees can satisfy customer requests without wasting valuable time.

2) Elevate the Customer Experience

Back in 2009, a study examined the effect music had on the purchasing behaviors of customers in a flower shop.

This study looked at three different factors: Romantic music, pop music and no music. What the study revealed was surprising: While when pop music and no music played in the shop, there was no effect on purchasing behaviors, romantic music resulted a significant uptick in purchase behavior.

So, how does this relate to your retail shop or restaurant? Through an audio video system, you can influence the overall experience for customers at your establishment.

You can’t guarantee a purchase or a five-star dining experience every time. Sometimes There are outside factors you cannot control. But you can inspire a positive experience, which can in turn result in increased purchase behavior.

3) Attract New Clientele and Engage Existing Audiences

As we hinted in the section above, your commercial environment can use an audio video installation for strategic purposes.

Consider the power of digital signage or video walls in a retail setting, for example. As potential customers pass by, a stunning visual display can draw potential customers in. Likewise, a modern video wall that uses multiple wall-mounted flatscreens to deliver one captivating image can attract customers to a specific area within your store.

An audio video system even can benefit places of worship. Strategically placed speakers throughout your church, for example, can deliver clear audio to everyone listening. If your place of worship is expansive, you even can add a large screen that showcases a live broadcast so everyone gets a perfect view. 

At Innovative Concepts AV, we can partner with any business in the Fort Wayne area to build an audio video installation that enhances your commercial environment.

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