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The Right Security Camera System to Keep You Safe During COVID-19

Prepare for Possible Rises in Crime Rates During Uncertain Economic Times

The Right Security Camera System to Keep You Safe During COVID-19

These are trying times. COVID-19 has introduced uncertainty across the country at an unprecedented level, and with uncertainty comes increases in poverty and crime, making the right security camera system more important than ever. It’s critical to keep your home and your family safe right now. The last thing you need is damage to your home or worse.

Here’s what you need to look for in a security camera system for your Fort Wayne, IN home.

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Security Cameras With Analytics Give You Smarter Alerts—And Keep You Safer

One of the biggest problems with the last generation of security cameras was that, while they were able to give you plenty of alerts when they detected motion, they struggled to do much more than that.

Modern security cameras have worked on that exact problem—finding a way to make sure the alerts that you do get are more useful than simply showing you that something is moving around in your front yard.

The problem with those old alerts is that most customers quickly learned to ignore them. Modern security cameras utilize video analytics to screen out unimportant motion or activity and only alert you in instances that you specify.

For example, you might set up your cameras to alert you when a vehicle stops outside your home after 8pm or when a vehicle stops during the day for too long (as many criminals do when assessing your home’s security).

Rather than alerting you every time a car goes by, which you’ll learn to ignore, you’ll now get alerts that are more relevant to your concerns. Many of these cameras allow you to set up zones in your camera’s view that trigger an alert when there is motion in an unauthorized zone but leave you alone when there’s motion in permitted areas.

For example, you might set the camera to alert you if there is motion behind your fence but to not alert you when there’s motion in the backyard (where your children play regularly). You might also set the camera to alert you to a person in the backyard or over the fence at night but to ignore any animals (because your dog goes into the backyard regularly at night).

These are just a few examples of the usefulness of these systems. We’ve worked with many customers in Fort Wayne, IN to help them install security camera systems with integrated analytics to keep their homes safer and their alerts more useful.

Let’s Find the Right Security Camera System for Your Home

At Innovative Concepts Audio Video, we give careful thought and attention to you and your needs during each step of the design-build process, customizing a security solution to your needs to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s talk about how we can find you the perfect security camera system in these difficult times.

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