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The Importance of Smart Environmental Sensors for Business Security

Your Commercial Security System Does More Then Guarding Against Intruders

The Importance of Smart Environmental Sensors for Business Security

If you own any commercial space here in Northeast Indiana, you know just how essential it is to showcase a security system.

Features like access control limit unwanted guests in your business’ most important spaces; alarms and window-break sensors can instantly alert authorities to a break-in; and surveillance cameras can deter criminal activity and allow you to keep an eye on your business 24/7.

But an often-overlooked feature of commercial security systems is environmental sensors; and we don’t just mean smoke detectors. If you want to keep your business in the Fort Wayne area safe from not only intruders, but also internal threats, adding smart environmental sensors to your commercial setting is a must.

Check out some of the ways environmental sensors can keep your business safe below.




Temperature Sensors

If you own an restaurant or you need to rely on temperature-sensitive materials for day-to-day work, keeping your commercial spaces within an ideal temperature range is a must.

If temperatures in a freezer drastically rise, for example, it could cause hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars in damage to your business.

Through the installation of smart temperature sensors throughout your most crucial spaces, you not only ensure that temperatures are always within an ideal range, but you instantly are alerted to any variations from the norm.

Our team of commercial security installation experts can program any sensor throughout your space to send an automated alert directly to your personal smartphone or email address whenever a sensor is triggered.

That way, you can take immediate action as necessary – potentially saving you and your business from an unforeseen disaster.


Water Leaks

With winter quickly approaching here in Allen County, we are starting to run the risk of frozen pipes – which can burst and ultimately cause thousands of dollars in damage.

We strongly recommend installing smart water leak sensors throughout your spaces due to this potential wintery nightmare.

Flood damage can cause a significant headache for you and your business. If you’re notified to a potential leak within moments of it starting, you can take the necessary immediate actions to prevent any further damage.

In a situation such as a water leak or flood at your business, seconds can determine how much damage will occur to your commercial setting. Our installations ensure you will take action within that moment’s notice.


Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detection

While smart water leak and temperature sensors can help keep your business safe from financial damage, environmental sensors also can help save lives at your commercial setting.

Of course, any commercial security system installation should feature a smoke detector that immediately notifies the authorities in the event of a fire. But it also should protect your employees and any potential guests from unseen hazards, as well.

Carbon monoxide, for example, killed 2,244 people in the United States between 2010 and 2015, according to the CDC, with the highest number of those deaths occurring during the winter months. A carbon monoxide alarm not only can save lives during an unexpected spike of the gas at your workplace, but a smart alarm also can alert you to the incident even when you’re away.

Smart environmental sensors are just as crucial to your business security system as any other element. They’re not only designed to keep your business safe, both physically and financially, but they also can save lives.

At Innovative Concepts AV, we’re proud to provide the Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana area with best-in-class commercial security system solutions.


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