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The Biggest Smart Home Mistake You Can Make

Invest in Home Networking Services if You Want Quality Performance

The Biggest Smart Home Mistake You Can Make

When jumping into the world of smart home technology, it’s easy to make mistakes. After all, there are so many products and features to explore! And whether you’re going for a DIY or a professional smart home automation system in your Bluffton, Indiana home, there’s one big mistake we see over and over again, a mistake that can cause even the highest quality products to underperform. The mistake is to ignore your home network.

You may not realize the important role that your network plays in keeping your smart home system running smoothly, reliably, and at peak performance all the time. Keep reading to learn about that role and how professional home networking services can help.

Why is the Network Important?

To understand the role of the network in your smart home, it’s good to have a refresher course on what exactly a “smart home” is. To make a home smart, you upgrade different components (whether your window shades, lights, temperature, AV, etc.) with the ability to communicate to each other and a central control system. Known as the “Internet of Things,” each device throughout your home is able to share information and react based on that data.

They communicate using your home network.

This is important because if your network is unstable your devices won’t be able to communicate effectively. You’ll lose the advantages of having a smart ecosystem of devices working together to make your home comfortable, safe, beautiful, etc.


The Big Mistake: Not Investing in a Quality Network

As you’re picking out your smart window shades and deciding whether you want visible or hidden speakers in your media room, it’s also worth putting some thought toward your home network.

There are a few things that we see quite often with the average home network:

  • Range: often, your Wi-Fi system can’t cover the entire home, so the rooms on the outskirts of the home have spotty or no Wi-Fi access
  • Security: the networks are set up using the default security settings, which can leave your smart system (and private information) vulnerable to hackers
  • Bandwidth: without the right setup, your network could struggle to handle multiple smart devices operating at once, especially when streaming video or music

The Solution: Opt for Home Networking Services

There are several services that could be of use to you if you’re considering adding smart devices or aren’t seeing top performance with your existing system. Here are the top three we recommend:

  1. In-home Assessment: You can’t fix the problem if you don’t know what’s wrong. We can assess the state of your home network and identify areas for improvement, such as adding Wi-Fi components to certain areas or upgrading your router or network switch.
  2. Home Network Installation: If your network is not cutting it, or perhaps you’re moving into a new home, we recommend a full home network installation. A professional system install will ensure that you get the right equipment in the right places for optimal performance.
  3. Home Network Tune-Up: Perhaps you’ve got good quality devices, but you’re still having some issues with your network. We can make sure the system is set up correctly and is using your networking devices to their best potential.

To learn more about our home network services and the difference they can make in your home, contact us! You can reach us by calling (888) 279-2276, clicking the live chat window at the bottom of the screen, or filling out this quick questionnaire.