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Smart Solutions for Your Retail Store

Commercial Automation Helps You Move Merchandise

Smart Solutions for Your Retail Store

The retail business is all about standing out in the crowd. You need to be seen if you want to be profitable, and only offering great products and service won’t necessarily translate to immediate success. Well-designed commercial automation solutions integrated into your Decatur, Indiana business can help streamline service while also protecting your merchandise. In this blog, we’ll take you through some perfect ideas to help you move your merchandise. Read on to learn more.


Digital Signage

A growing trend among retailers across the nation is digital signage. Unlike traditional signage, which can become quite expensive when you factor in design, printing and installation, digital signage is a dynamic way to capture the attention of potential customers.

When you want to promote a new product or highlight a sale, it’s easy to upload new images and messaging. Run multiple, alternating ads throughout the day, or create flash sales that only exist for a limited time. The ever-changing imagery will have a greater impact on your clientele, and reduced costs will allow you to run a more vibrant business.

Surveillance Cameras

With increased foot traffic comes a greater need to protect your merchandise. That’s why it’s an intelligent idea to integrate surveillance cameras throughout your space. Today’s cameras can be discreetly installed throughout your space, so as not to disrupt the décor, and they can capture a viewing angle up to 180 degrees for nearly total protection.

Dome cameras are an elegant solution for many establishments. Stream live video footage directly to your computer, smartphone or tablet and select the angle you’d like to see from your device. Store footage on a server on- or off-site so that you can review everything at your convenience.

Automated Entry Ways

While most retailers depend on a regular flow of customers coming in and out at all times, some high-end establishments are only accessible by appointment. These boutiques – luxury furniture and car dealerships to name a few – can benefit greatly from video-enabled, automated entry systems.

When a customer approaches your door, it’s easy to confirm their identity via a small camera and audio hardware. They can speak through the system directly to your smartphone or tablet, and you can unlock the door to let them inside. As soon as they enter, it’s easy to lock the door behind them to ensure privacy throughout the entire transaction.


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