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Save Energy in Your Business with a Commercial Automation Installation

Get Ahead of the Competition with Smart Technology

Save Energy in Your Business with a Commercial Automation Installation

Did you know that the combined energy costs for businesses across the country totaled over 400 billion dollars a year? And that 30% of that is completely wasted? The simplest way to get ahead of your Berne, Indiana competition is to streamline your energy costs. A commercial automation installation can save you money by simplifying your energy expenditures, and giving you total control of how, where and when energy is used in your building. Read on to find out more.

Save With Smart Lighting

Lighting is an often-overlooked aspect of energy usage. In your home, you may make sure to shut off every light after you leave the room, but how do you do the same at work? After all, your employees need to see during the day, and the cleaning crew needs to see at night. But leaving the lights on all the time is not the answer.

Smart lighting gives you complete command of all your lighting fixtures, directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone. If the boardroom is not in use, you can turn off the lights remotely. If a certain floor is left unoccupied, you can dim the lighting from anywhere in the world.

To simplify it even more, you can add motion sensors to each room of the building. That way lights will raise when movement is detected, and lower when it stops. The results are a dramatic decrease in lighting usage.

Keep Cool With Climate Control

Another major expense in your commercial spaces is climate control. In the wintertime, keeping the building warm and comfortable is essential for a productive workforce. After all, how can your employees function if they’re frozen?

But all the areas of your building may not be equal, and there’s no reason to waste energy in unused spaces. Heating ventilation and cooling (HVAC) zones are completely customizable and controllable from your smart device. You can set the thermostat to automatically begin warming your offices an hour before business opens, and then shut off an hour after close. If anyone is putting in some extra time, you can even grant access control so they can choose a comfortable temperature.

Shading is Key

Smart shading can do more than spruce up the look of a space, it can also help you save energy on lighting and climate control.

The sun is the single most important source for the entire planet, so why wouldn’t you want to take full advantage of it? Raise the shades in the afternoon to bathe your workplace in beautiful, natural light. It will help keep employees working while making the entire space look better.

In the wintertime, when the sun goes down early and the chill sets in, lower the shades to keep the warmth from your HVAC system from seeping through the windows. Connect your window treatments with the lighting system to automatically raise the lights as the shades go down.
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