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Is Your Indiana Home Secure this Holiday Season?

Keep Your Property Safe with a Smart Home Security System

Is Your Indiana Home Secure this Holiday Season?

Did you know that Indiana’s crime rate is higher than the national average? Burglary and theft are the two largest reported crimes in the state, and the holidays in particular are a popular time for thieves to make bank. Before you head off to visit with friends and family, ask yourself whether or not your home is prepared against determined intruders. If the answer is no, then read on to learn about how Ossian area homeowners can benefit from a smart home security system.

Regular Security Systems vs. Smart Home Systems

While you might be tempted to install a typical alarm system in your home and call it a day, there are a lot of benefits that come from integrating a security system with smart home automation. The technology goes far beyond basic door sensors and alarms to provide you with greater convenience and security. Here are some of the features that you can include in your home’s security and surveillance system:

  • Remote Monitoring: When you’re enjoying Christmas dinner at a parent or sibling’s home, you shouldn’t let worries about your property’s security distract you from quality time with family. With a regular system, you just have to hope that everything is okay. But by adding smart surveillance cameras to your home, you can view real-time footage from anywhere just by pulling out your smartphone or tablet.
  • Instant Notifications: The average security system relies on audible alarms to let homeowners know that an intruder is attempting to enter the home, but that doesn’t help much if you’re not there to hear it. With a smart system, you get instant notifications for whatever is important to you – intrusion attempts, problems with the plumbing or HVAC, or simply the door opening at an unusual time.

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  • Mockupancy Settings: Burglars tend to target homes that are unoccupied, which puts your property at greater risk while you’re traveling. But what if you could fool burglars into thinking that you’re actually at home, even if you’re halfway around the world? Your smart home automation system can be programmed with a “Mockupancy” setting that causes the lights, shades, and even television to all follow the regular habits of a person living in your home. A thief staking out your home will see the lights turn on, the shades open, and the television turn on, and make the assumption that someone is in the home. They’ll move on to easier targets, leaving your home safe and secure.
  • Connected Technology: The coolest thing about a smart security system is that it leverages all of the smart devices throughout your home to aid in keeping everything safe. If motion sensors detect movement in the backyard at night, the system can instantly turn on all of the outdoor lights, illuminating the intruder. If a fire is detected in the kitchen, the system can immediately turn off all connected electrical devices, alert the fire department, and shut down the HVAC unit to avoid fanning the flames. You won’t see any of that in the average home security system.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your home with a smart security system. Whether you’re in Ossian, Berne, or another part of Indiana, you can rely on Innovative Concepts Audio & Video for all of your security and smart home automation needs. Contact us today to learn about the different possibilities for adding smart technology to your home.