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Is Your Audio Video Installation Behind the Times?

The Must-Have AV Features for a Modern Business

Is Your Audio Video Installation Behind the Times?

Have you ever walked into your home after an extended time away only to realize that your house has kind of a funny smell?

When we’re around something all the time, we get used to it. It seems normal to us. It’s only when we take a step back and really evaluate things that we realize the current situation may be less than ideal.

And a similar thing can happen with audio video installation in your workplace.

Many business owners in the Bluffton, IN area have been sticking with less than ideal AV setups for a long time simply because they don’t realize what new technology is available. If that’s true for you (or you’re not quite sure if it’s true or not), then read on. We’ll go through some of the newest features that will take your business’ AV from “meh” to “amazing.”

Feature 1: AV Distribution

How are you currently managing your business audio/video? If it’s the sort of thing that you touch as little as possible, leaving the displays and music to defaults, it’s probably a sign that your system doesn’t make it super easy to make changes. As a result, you’re likely not getting full use out of your technology.

We always recommend that businesses with multiple displays or audio in several different areas invest in AV distribution. Essentially, it’s a way to connect all of your audio and video into one cohesive system that you can manage all at once. One AV source sends media to whatever speaker or display you’d like. 

Not does AV distribution make it a lot easier to manage media, it also helps to reduce the amount of equipment you need, saving you money in the long run.

Feature 2: 4K Displays

Your grandparents’ grainy, low-resolution displays have no place in a business environment! These days, 4K Ultra HD displays are the norm. Televisions and digital signage will have crystal clear visuals, creating stunning imagery that will catch anyone’s eye as they pass by.

Digital display technology moves at a rapid pace, and there are tons of new options worth considering, such as interactive displays or video walls. But at a minimum, we recommend making sure that your displays are clean and clear – no visible cables and no blurry, low-resolution visuals.


Feature 3: A Strong Network

If you’ve found you can’t stream video or music throughout your business without dealing with lagging, dropped connections, or dead spots, that’s a problem!

Most likely, it’s not the streaming service’s fault. Instead, you probably need a commercial networking upgrade.

The network is an often overlooked aspect of audio video installations, but it’s absolutely essential. Think of it as the foundation for any internet-connected technology in your business. If it’s not set up correctly or is built on weak equipment, the whole system is going to have problems.

Moving into 2018, it’s time to ask yourself: is my audio video installation up to par? If you’re still not sure, we’re happy to do an evaluation of your system and offer recommendations. You can schedule a consultation by clicking the button below or calling (260) 724-2276.

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