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Is Smart Home Automation Right for You?

Find the Level of Automation that’s a Perfect Fit

Is Smart Home Automation Right for You?

As many benefits as smart home automation has to offer, it’s true that it’s not ideal for everyone. But the big question is whether it’s right for you. Innovative Concepts Audio & Video has helped Indiana residents from Auburn to Bluffton find the right mix of technology to suit their needs. Below, we’ve outlined two main factors that are important when assessing home automation: the potential benefits and the control methods. 

Ways to Benefit from Smart Technology

Different people have different reasons for upgrading their homes with smart technology. If you find any of the benefits below appealing, then a smart home might be for you:

  • More Efficient Energy Use:

Your system can actively monitor energy usage and take steps to ensure all of the devices throughout your home are operating as efficiently as possible. It can save a ton on your monthly energy bill and lower your carbon footprint.

  • Increased Home Security:

A smart home allows you to go beyond the standard security system offerings. You can have every element in your home, from the lights to the window shades, react to keep your home safe.

  • Improved Interior Design:

Within a smart home, all of the technology is integrated seamlessly, so cords and speakers and other equipment don’t ever have to detract from your home’s look. Moreover, we can design lighting scenes that highlight the best décor or architecture in each room.

  • More Comfortable Environment:

There’s something to be said for pushing a button and having your home work automatically to make the environment more comfortable for you. The ideal temperature, lighting, music, and more are all available at your fingertips.

  • More Convenience:

Imagine not having to get out of bed each night to turn off the light or check to make sure the front door is locked. Imagine being able to turn on the television for your child without even being in the room. With easy access straight from your smartphone, controlling your home is never a chore.

Control Methods

Many people are hesitant to upgrade to a smart home because they feel the technology will be overwhelming or that devices will clutter up each room. Fortunately, each smart home automation system we design is custom-tailored to fit the personality and lifestyle of our clients. The technology can be completely hidden away so you can enjoy your automated lifestyle without the clutter of cords and devices.

Here are a few of the control methods we can integrate into your system:

  • Sensors:

Lighting sensors, motion sensors, water sensors, temperature sensors…odds are, if you want to monitor something in your home, there’s a sensor that can do it. The chief advantage of smart sensors is that they off a completely hands-off approach. When you walk into a room, the motion sensor triggers the lights to come on. When the afternoon sun causes a room to get too hot, the sensors will tell the motorized shades to lower and the HVAC system to kick in. You get all the benefits of the technology without having to lift a finger.

  • Timers:

Timers also offer the same effortless approach as sensors. When you know the exact time that you’ll want your smart home to perform an action, your automation professional can set it on a timer. A popular example of this is landscape lighting. Each day, as the sun starts to set, the timer can turn on all the outdoor lights, then turn them off again at midnight.

  • Universal Remotes:

The most versatile control method for your smart home is a universal remote. That term might bring an image of a typical TV remote to your mind. While we can offer that style, we also can provide intuitive touchscreen tablets that you can carry around or mount on the wall. Even further, you could access the same interface right from your smartphone!

These interfaces are designed to be as easy to use as possible. For example, if you wanted to watch a movie in your media room or home theater, all you would have to do is press the “Movie” button on your remote. Instantly, the lights will dim, the temperature will adjust, the window shades will lower, and the television will turn on with the movie options already on the screen.

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  • Voice Control:

If you don’t feel like carrying your phone around or searching through the interface, we can make it even easier by integrating a voice control device like Amazon Echo. Simply ask Alexa to adjust your home however you want, and it’ll happen. So instead of selecting the “Movie” button, just say “Alexa, start the “Movie” scene.” Same result, but far less effort for you.

So is smart home automation for you? We believe there’s a smart solution out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding the right kind of system, and we’d love to talk with you more about the different options available.

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