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How Your Home Automation System Can Save You Energy This Winter

Lower Your Energy Bills With a Smart Home Technology Solution

How Your Home Automation System Can Save You Energy This Winter

Fall weather has arrived here in Northeast Indiana, and before you know it, we’ll soon be experiencing those freezing temperatures and dreary weather conditions that come with winter.

Winter, of course, is also synonymous with rising energy bills as your home heating systems consume extra energy to keep your house warm during the cold weather.

If you’re looking to cut down on energy-spending costs this winter or simply want to make your house in the Fort Wayne area more environmentally friendly, a home automation system can help.

With an integrated technology solution, smart systems throughout your house can automatically work to limit your energy consumption.

In this blog, we explore how two particular components of your home automation setup are specially designed to make your home more energy-efficient in the winter.




Smart Thermostat

At Innovative Concepts AV, we recommend using Nest for your home thermostat regulation. This is because Nest technology goes far beyond a standard thermostat in terms of keeping your home energy-efficient.

For example, as you make your day-to-day thermostat adjustments, your Nest thermostat will display the most eco-friendly temperature recommendations; even sending you energy consumption reports detailing how you are consuming energy and where you can save the most. Those small adjustments can help you conserve energy throughout the winter.

But where the Nest thermostat excels is in its automation features. Through including sensors and even connecting your thermostat to your phone’s geolocation, it can launch into “Eco” mode the moment your house is empty.

This “Eco” setting helps you save energy without you even needing to think about it by automatically adjusting the temperature throughout the house to the most energy-efficient levels.

Best of all, when you are on your way home, you can simply access and adjust the thermostat directly from your smartphone so your home is ready for you when you arrive.

Of course, a thermostat is just part of the energy-saving equation when you own a home automation system. Another component can be your window shades.


Motorized Window Treatments  

When we say that your window treatments can save you energy, we don’t just mean the standard shades that you only can control through drawstrings or cords.

We strongly recommend adding motorized shades that can integrate with your home automation system of choice.

How can motorized window treatments help you save energy in the winter? Well, through a multitude of ways.

Firstly, you can select a type of shade that already is designed for energy efficiency. Cellular shades, for example, feature a single- or double-pleated design that insulates heat when lowered and prevents it from escaping through your windows.

Through selecting an automated set of cellular shades, you can optimize your energy savings without needing to remember to raise and lower them every day. Our team can help program your system so that your shades rise at sunrise to allow heat in and then automatically lower at sunset to insulate warmth during the coldest times of the day.

This way, your thermostat doesn’t need to work as hard to keep your home warm – limiting your reliance on energy consumption and, in turn, lowering your spending costs.

At Innovative Concepts AV, we believe that a home automation system consisting of multiple smart technologies is the best way to achieve optimal energy efficiency at your property in the Fort Wayne area.


If you want to limit energy spending at your Northeast Indiana home, our team is ready to help.

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