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How to Save on Business Energy Costs with Lighting Control

Upgrade Your Building with Energy-Saving Technology

How to Save on Business Energy Costs with Lighting Control

Whether you run a corporate office, a hotel or a sports bar, it’s clear that finding more efficient, lower-cost ways of doing things is a smart business idea. In today’s blog, we go over one of our favorite cost-cutting technologies: commercial lighting control. We’ve helped businesses all throughout Decatur, Bluffton, and Fort Wayne, Indiana keep operational expenses low with this simple-to-use system.

The Why: Excessive Energy Bills

Commercial buildings waste a lot of energy. In fact, Energy Star found that the average business wastes 30 percent of the energy they’re billed for each month. A big chunk of this waste comes from lights that are left on, often overnight. Lights run all day in rooms that rarely see use, such as bathrooms or storage areas. Even in rooms where lights are needed, such as offices or waiting rooms, the lights are frequently running at a much higher brightness than is necessary (or even comfortable).

The What: Lighting Control

The solution comes in the form of a technology called lighting control. An automated lighting system connects to all of the fixtures throughout your business, both indoors and out. You can then manage all of the lights at once from a central device, like a smartphone, tablet, or remote.

This technology goes far beyond simply pushing a button to turn the lights on and off. Here are some of the neat ways you can put your lighting system to use:

  • Monitor Occupancy: Use sensors to identify when someone enters and exits the room. You can then have the system automatically turn the lights on or off, adding convenience while also dropping energy usage.

  • Cut Down on Solar Heat Gain: If your business has a lot of windows, the sun could be costing you. During the hottest part of the day, the windows convey the sun’s heat inside, causing your HVAC system to work hard to keep the building cool. This in turn raises your energy bill. Lighting sensors near windows can identify when this occurs, then automatically lower motorized window shades to keep the room from overheating (and even brighten the overhead lights to compensate).

  • Create an Ideal Atmosphere: It’s important to have the right ambiance for your business, and lighting can play a big role in that. For areas with customers, you don’t want overly harsh, bright lights. In employee work areas, having lights that are too dim could compromise productivity. With your lighting control system, you can adjust the brightness levels to fit the environment.

  • Monitor from Anywhere: Not sure if all the lights were turned off at the close of business? All you have to do is pull out your smartphone to double check from anywhere. The system will tell you the status of all the lights in the building. You can even turn them off from your phone right then and there, which can be a great advantage to facility management personnel.

  • Receive Alerts about Excessive Energy Usage: If energy usage goes beyond a predefined threshold, you can get a notification of the event. This can be helpful for identifying areas of improvement throughout your business.

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The How: We Can Handle It!

Innovative Concepts can have your business running more efficiently in no time. We are experts at lighting design and automation.

We work with you to identify the biggest needs for your business, then develop and implement an easy-to-use solution. And the best part is that lighting automation offers a great return on investment, so the upfront cost will quickly repay itself in lower energy bills in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about specifics for project timelines, upfront costs, ROI, or other lighting automation topics, click the live chat button at the bottom of the page or fill out this quick form and a member of our team will reach out to you.