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How to Optimize a Security Camera System for Your Workplace

Smart Surveillance Goes Beyond Deterring Crime in Your Office, Store or House of Worship

How to Optimize a Security Camera System for Your Workplace

Everyone knows that private businesses are often the target of theft and crime. As a manager of those properties, you’re responsible for the implementation of proper security measures to ensure valuables are protected and your staff and visitors feel safe.

A smart security camera system can help deter unwanted activity in and around your commercial property, as well as better protect your assets. But that’s not all it can do for you and your Fort Wayne, IN business. Read below to learn what else a smart security camera system can do for your office, retail store, or house of worship when you optimize its full potential.

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Surveillance for Your Office

Beyond recording and storing around-the-clock footage of activity happening throughout your office space, a smart surveillance system allows you to monitor your property in real-time from any location. If you travel often and don’t spend a lot of time with your staff in the workplace, you can always check in on the office from the convenience of your smartphone to view live footage from anywhere you have an internet connection.

When the workday ends, remotely ensure that your staff turned off the lights and locked the doors before leaving for the evening. You can even check to see if anyone left early or stayed late. A smart surveillance system can also send real-time alerts directly to your smartphone to notify you of any detected motion near doorways or sensitive areas of your office.

For more preventative-based protection, you can integrate your surveillance system with other smart devices in your office to trigger lights and alarms in the event of a potential break-in.

Surveillance for Your Retail Store

Smart security cameras throughout your retail store can do much more than help deter theft and catch criminals. They can also help you better manage your business. Use live and recorded footage to analyze traffic patterns and determine any inefficient shopping areas or foot congestion. Visualizing these business trends can help you make better decisions for staffing, displaying merchandise, and securing various access points.

Unfortunately, many retail businesses experience theft on a weekly, if not daily basis. Security cameras with facial detection technology are a crucial addition to your surveillance system so you can easily capture characteristics of known shoplifters. You can also use these advanced security cameras to keep an eye on individual employees to ensure they’re properly doing their jobs while you’re away from the store.

Surveillance for Your House of Worship

Churches are just as vulnerable to crime and theft as any other commercial property. Proper surveillance is a must for entryways, offering boxes, dedicated rooms of worship, church offices, and children’s classrooms.

Prevention-based security cameras that feature real-time alerts and event-triggers are particularly helpful in houses of worship where large areas of the building are vacant during services. Additionally, facial detection technology is imperative in areas where parents pick up their children after the service is over. In the event of a kidnapping or missing child, for example, high-res security cameras with advanced video analytics can help capture small details of potential suspects.

Because services often occur after the sun goes down, we recommend incorporating infrared LED security cameras outdoors to capture clear, bright picture even in complete darkness 100+ feet away from where they’re mounted. Whether the church is unlocked for services or not, you’ll always be connected to what’s happening inside and outside your property—day or night.

Learn more about how to optimize a security camera system for your commercial property by connecting with our team at Innovative Concepts AV. We work with several leading security and surveillance manufacturers and can recommend the right solutions for your needs. From camera types and recorders to control systems and more, we’ve got you covered.

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