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How to Find the Best Smart Home Security Cameras for 2020

Consider Features that Span Beyond the Hardware

How to Find the Best Smart Home Security Cameras for 2020










If you’re searching for quality home security cameras in the new year, you’ll find there is a lot to consider when selecting the best option for your needs. From HD and UHD cameras to wide-angle cameras, infrared cameras, and even doorbell cameras, the choices span for miles.

That’s why we recommend you explore the software features provided by any security camera system first. While a security camera’s design and engineering are important, the software platform determines features such as your camera’s mobile app, video alerts, system customization, and more.

Consider the following smart security features you’ll receive when you select cameras that are powered by the platform for your Bluffton, IN home.

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Check on Your Home from Anywhere gives you the power to remotely view live streams from any indoor or outdoor camera directly from your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or TV. Whether you’re on the couch and hear a strange noise outside or want to check in on your pets while you’re at work, the app makes it easy.

Use the app to communicate with a visitor at your door, open a live camera feed and zoom in to see packages on your front porch, and even view, download, or share stored video clips—all from the same easy-to-use app.

Customize Your Smartphone Alerts

Many smart security cameras have motion detectors that trigger video recordings and alerts to your smartphone. However, if you have a busy home, you’ll be burdened with alerts all day long and may start ignoring them altogether. lets you customize and filter your alerts for a better experience. For example, can automatically turn off your motion detection alerts when your security system is disarmed. What’s more, you can set up triggered video alerts for specific events, like when your kids arrive home after school.

Integrate with Other Security Devices

Home security cameras powered by intelligently integrate with other security devices around your home, such as your smart locks, alarm system, smoke detectors, thermostats, and more for whole-home control from the same platform.

For instance, when a package delivery person rings your doorbell, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone, from which you can see and communicate with them. If you’d like them to leave the packages inside the door, disarm your alarm and unlock your door from the same screen on your phone. Once the delivery person places the packages inside, quickly secure your home again right from the app.

Say Goodbye to Frequent Hardware Replacements

Security camera technology is constantly getting better. While many manufacturers will expect you to frequently replace your cameras to keep up, conveniently releases new features and services digitally instead. By updating features and services via their platform, enables you to keep the same quality cameras for longer while knowing their technology is up to date.

Think security cameras are a good fit for your home? Our security team of authorized dealers can help you choose the best cameras for each area of your home, install and connect them, and provide ongoing service and support when you need it.

Learn more about an security camera system for your home by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below now.