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Hi-Fi Turntables Make the World (and Music) Go ‘Round

Bring Incredible Sound to Your Indiana Home

Hi-Fi Turntables Make the World (and Music) Go ‘Round

Listening to records is no longer a thing of the past! Streaming and digital downloads certainly dominate the music consumption market, but the Recording Industry Association of America’s 2019 mid-year report projects that records will soon surpass sales earnings of compact discs, the previous leader in physical music sales.

Vinyl is an emotional investment in music and one that offers an experiential, high-quality sound that showcases what the music producer intended for you to hear. That’s why records and turntables are making a comeback. Keep reading to learn how you can bring hi-fi turntables to your DeKalb County, IN, home while using your existing whole-home audio system.

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Not Your Grandparent’s Record Player

Modern hi-fi turntables go through rigorous quality and listening tests, ensuring consumers receive the best, long-lasting products available on the market. Music Hall turntables combine performance with high value so your home audio system will sing with a turntable addition.

Whether you opt for the Classic hi-fi turntable with a built-in phono amplifier, or you choose the stunningly bright mmf-5.3 turntable (see the picture at the top of the page) with detachable phono cable, Music Hall provides a beautiful variety of options that will incorporate seamlessly into your listening room or whole-home audio system.

Hi-Fi Sound

The beauty behind the hi-fi turntables we offer is the incredible sound that emanates from the record. Music Hall often makes Stereophile Magazine’s Recommended Components list. Your favorite records will exude pleasing, warm sound when paired with a high-quality audio system for a clean and accurate soundscape every time.

Part of this high-quality sound comes from quality construction. For example, the mmf-5.3 turntable from Music Hall includes unique dual-plinth construction and a 9-inch carbon fiber tonearm. The counterweight’s center of gravity is level with the stylus tip and acts as a resonance damper. Additionally, the main bearing is encased in Teflon for noise-free and fluid operation. These materials have been performance-tested, so your turntable will last for years to come.

If you’d like to hear the immaculate sound that’s possible from hi-fi turntables or want to explore the possibilities of whole-home music, call Innovative Concepts Audio & Video today at (888) 279-2276, chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or submit a contact form. We can’t wait to bring quality sound to your DeKalb County home!