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Help Your Restaurant or Bar Thrive with an A/V Upgrade

Elevate Your Customers’ Experience With An Upgraded Audio Video Installation

Help Your Restaurant or Bar Thrive with an A/V Upgrade

We all know operating a bar or restaurant means working in a cutthroat business, and that means every dollar and each customer makes a difference. While you may serve the tastiest food in town or offer the best drink specials – giving your customers a memorable experience when they’re in your establishment is key to turning curious visitors into regular guests. Not only that, but a poor experience may drive potential customers away and encourage them to tell their friends as well.

To give your patrons the greatest experience possible in your establishment, you’ll want a modern commercial A/V system. Integrated technology makes it easy to control your audio and video feeds from a central control device while also helping to create a more pleasant atmosphere for your guests. Here are a few ways a commercial audio video installation can give your Fort Wayne, Indiana restaurant or bar a boost.

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Regardless of whether you operate a lively sports bar or a quiet bistro, sound and video play a key role in setting the mood for your patrons. An easy way to turn guests off is to have sound blasting at full volume regardless of the location within your space – and if you’re a sports bar owner you want to display multiple games at different spots.

The best way to address both these issues is with distributed audio and video. This way, you can create various zones within your establishment with different sounds and video playing, meaning you can keep the volume at a reasonable level within each zone. Distributed A/V also simplifies your video controls by giving you centralized control over all your devices.


If you haven’t upgraded your speakers or TVs in a while, you could be losing business to competitors with more modern setups. To keep customers coming back, you’ll want your equipment to deliver high-quality sound and video.

High-performance speakers used to be large devices that required considerable amounts of floor space, but you can now find speakers with exceptional sound quality that can be easily tucked into a corner or installed on your ceiling. Or if you don’t want anyone to see the equipment, you can install hidden speakers that line up flush with your walls or ceiling.

As for video, 4K picture quality is a must-have at this point – especially for sports bars. Your guests want to see every play in crystal-clear detail, and sub-par quality may very well drive them to your competitors.


Why not give your diners the ability to control what they hear and see while they’re eating? Giving them the choice of entertainment options while they’re in your restaurant or bar is an excellent way to make a strong impression and keep them coming back.

Distributed audio and video makes this process simple for your patrons. With centralized controls, all your guests have to do is talk to a member of your staff and you can make the requested change in seconds. This step may have required a lengthy process using your old A/V installation, if you could even do it at all.

These benefits are just a sample of what an updated A/V installation has to offer bar and restaurant operators. To find out more, call us at (260) 724-2276, speak with a customer service specialist by clicking on the chat box in the corner of your browser, or simply contact us here.