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Hear This: 3 Audio Solutions for Your Home Theater or Media Room

A Guide to Selecting the Right Home Audio Video Components for Your Space

Hear This: 3 Audio Solutions for Your Home Theater or Media Room

Choosing the right audio system for your home theater or media room can be tricky. The right system for your spaces is dependent on a lot of factors, not all of which include the quality of the sound. So when selecting the home audio video equipment for your Bluffton home, you want to make sure you’re getting quality components that fit your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide for finding the right solution for your home. 

Experience Immersive Audio

If you’re not a die-hard audiophile, you may be surprised to learn that, until recently, the sound quality of the movies you watch at home never quite matched the quality you’d hear at the theater. No matter how good your surround sound system, limited channels (speakers) meant limited sound. Today, thanks to some of the leading audio companies in the world, you can actually achieve commercial theater-quality sound in your home theater or media room. The answer is immersive audio.

Also known as “3D” audio, immersive audio means exactly that; it immerses you in a sphere of sound, recreating realistic representations of the sounds heard in the movie. Before, sounds could only come from the speakers in front, behind and beside you. Immersive audio places speakers above you as well, creating a new plane entirely – hence the 3D moniker.

Different companies use different mixing tools as well. Dolby Atmos has created an “object-based” format, which treats each sound as an individual object, giving it the freedom to travel throughout your theater the way actual sound would. Auro 3D, on the other hand, modifies the traditional channel-based system and smooths it out with object-mixing. The result is movies sound better than ever, and you can even record live music in the Auro 3D format.

Save Space With Wireless Systems

Of course, while immersive audio can create an essential listening experience in your home theater, there are those who would prefer a less obtrusive system, or one that they can re-configure at will. Sonos is a name typically associated with wireless music systems, but their Play:5 speaker sounds incredible when watching movies as well.

The Play:5 has been completely redesigned in 2015 with six custom drivers to achieve deeper low notes and sharper high notes. When connected to your television or projector, however, you’ve got a totally wireless surround sound system. Plus, with the Trueplay software, you’re capable of calibrating the speakers to sound right in any room of your house.

Sound Bars and Sound Bases

The fact is, internal speakers on modern TV’s aren’t very good. So if you’re looking to make the upgrade to 4K, you’ll want audio components to match. A simple solution for any room is a sound bar or sound base.  

Sound bars, like 2015’s highly regarded Klipsch Reference R-48, are perfect for smaller spaces like bedrooms and guest houses that don’t have the space for a full surround sound system. Sporting features like “virtual” surround sound, the R-48 does a lot of the work of a bigger system without dominating a space.

Sound bases are similar to sound bars, but are generally wider-set. This allows you to place a TV directly on top of it. The more spacious cabinet means fuller, louder and more impactful sound than your average sound bar. Notable 2015 releases include the Bose Solo 15, well reviewed for its deep base and bold sound.

We’re about more than just a few simple sound solutions. Contact us today to begin customizing the home audio video set-up in your Bluffton property!