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Don’t Use Video Distribution at Home? Here’s What You’re Missing

Transform the Way You Watch Your Favorite Content with a Video Distribution System

Don’t Use Video Distribution at Home? Here’s What You’re Missing

These days, much of our favorite content is available online via streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Those who use streaming services for most of their TV shows and movies may wonder why video distribution is even necessary at all.

On the contrary, a video distribution system not only offers a higher quality viewing experience than streaming, but it also centralizes all your media sources to one location for easy distribution across any number of displays in your home with no need for excess wires and components. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of video distribution for your Fort Wayne, IN home.

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Easily Share Content Across Every Display

A video distribution system enables a single source, such as a satellite receiver, Blu-ray player, a digital media server like Kaleidescape, and more, to be shared across multiple displays throughout your home with no dip in quality. For example, if you’re enjoying a 4K-quality movie in your private cinema and want to move to the comfort of your bed, video distribution enables you to share that same content to your bedroom TV in just a tap. You won’t miss a beat.

One of the greatest advantages of video distribution is centralized control. Want to host a football party and show the game on your back patio, private cinema, and living room displays? When integrated with your smart home control system, all you need is your mobile phone in hand to make it happen. No more fiddling with multiple remotes for each display to change the media source, channel, and volume. You can easily share any content you desire to any display in your home from your smart device of choice.

No More Cable and Component Clutter

TVs with one-to-one configuration typically have a number of components nearby: an AV receiver, a Blu-ray player, a DVD player, perhaps an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Apple TV box, and a whole bunch of wiring. And you can’t forget about all the remote controls. That’s a lot of clutter to have near your TV display.

With video distribution, you can hide all those components on a media rack in a dedicated closet so all you’re left with is a beautiful TV screen, whether mounted on your wall or placed on top of furniture. Video distribution does away with media cabinets in your entertainment room and excessive wires spilling to each endpoint. It also puts the power of control into a single interface, which you can navigate from your smartphone, in-wall keypad, or tabletop tablet so you never have to wonder which remote works with which device again.

Integrate with the Rest of Your Smart Home

By integrating your video distribution system with the rest of the smart solutions across your home, you can streamline control even further for effortless, convenient, everyday living. Come home from work and tap your “Relax” scene to instantly dim the lights in your living room, close the shades, and start your favorite HBO series. When it’s time to host a football viewing party at your house, create a “Game Time” scene to power on the game across all your displays while an energizing playlist streams on your outdoor patio.

We can help you create personalized scenes that are precisely unique to you and your lifestyle. Whether it’s for convenience or entertaining, smart home scenes make creating the perfect environment a breeze so you can enjoy your favorite media content in the best way possible—whether you’re in your bedroom, home theater, living room, patio, or have family and friends in every space!

Bring video distribution to your home today by connecting with our team at Innovative Concepts AV. As your trusted AV experts in the Fort Wayne area, we’re committed to delivering only the best audiovisual solutions that perfectly complement your home and lifestyle. Give us a call today at (260) 724-2276 or send us a live chat below to talk with a team member right now. We look forward to assisting you!