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Don’t Make These 3 Easy Home Theater Design Mistakes

Avoid these common mishaps in your home theater design in Fort Wayne

Don’t Make These 3 Easy Home Theater Design Mistakes

There are many components to a home theater design, and many of them aren't as intuitive as you might think. It can be challenging to create a cohesive design that also allows your theater to perform at its highest capabilities. There are, however, ways to avoid a lackluster final product. Read on to learn what mistakes you need to avoid making when you complete a home theater design and installation project in Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding area.


Allowing your décor to impact your theater's performance negatively.

While your home theater should be aesthetically pleasing, the décor should not detract from the performance of your audio-video equipment. The most crucial aspect of your home theater is its ability to provide an ideal environment for viewing your favorite movies and television shows. Make sure that your décor does not negatively affect the room's acoustics or distract from the screen's visuals. Your home theater should balance aesthetics and performance, and the best way to ensure this balance is to hire a professional to complete your home theater design. On the opposite end of the spectrum, completing your home theater plans after your home theater has already been installed can also be disastrous. Once the screen is installed, the speakers are carefully placed, and the seating has been arranged, it will be difficult to add any décor to enhance the space. Have a clear plan for what you would like your theater to look like before you begin the installation process. Know what your expectations are going in so that you can be confident you will be happy with the final product.

Not covering up windows with specialized window treatments.

Nothing ruins a home theater more quickly than improper lighting. Home theater equipment is built to be used in a room with lighting control. When you forget to invest in proper window treatments, a harsh glare from the sunlight will ruin the contrast, brightness, and color of your carefully calibrated screen. If you want the absolute best picture that your system can offer, we recommend installing blackout window treatments throughout the room to ensure that you get the most out of your home theater. Doing so allows you to have complete control of your lighting without any external interference.

Forgetting to install a centralized control system.

Home theaters are complex systems, but controlling them does not have to be complicated. Don’t get confused by several remote controls. Consider a centralized control system to make your life easier in the long run. And a centralized control system doesn't have to be limited to just your audio-video system. Create the perfect environment for viewing movies with complete home automation. Manage your lighting, sound, climate, and audio-video systems from an interface or smart device of your choice. Most control systems offer the option to create scenes or preprogrammed settings for specific situations. With one push of a button, you can turn down the lights, turn up the AC, and start your movie.

Avoid these mistakes and more by trusting Innovative Concepts Audio Video with your home theater design. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish, so there is no need to worry about making any mistakes. Give us a call today at (260) 724-2276, reach us online, or click below to chat with a team member right now.

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