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Creative Ways Smart Home Technology Can Improve Your Security

Boost Your Smart Home Security System With These Technologies

Creative Ways Smart Home Technology Can Improve Your Security

Do you ever lie in bed at night, wondering if you heard something downstairs or outside? When you leave for a trip, do you worry about your house’s safety? Paranoia can get to all of us, but break-ins and robberies are genuine threats we can all protect ourselves from.

With new smart home technologies, you can safeguard your home with more than surveillance cameras and motion sensors. In conjunction with your home security system, smart home technologies are another creative way to keep your house and family safe. To learn what you can add to your smart home security system in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area continue reading below!

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Smart Indoor Lighting

If you’re arriving home late at night, there’s no need to fear walking into a pitch-black house. By connecting your home automation system, like Control4, to your smartphone, you can turn on the lights before you get on the road or as you walk up the driveway. If you’re away on vacation or a business trip, use your home control app to remotely turn lights on and off, maintaining the appearance that your house is occupied. Your property won’t look vacant, warding off potential burglars.  You can even blast music momentarily from your integrated speakers to further suggest someone is home.   

Outdoor Lighting

With exterior lights on a timer, pathways and landscape lighting will immediately turn on as nightfall approaches, illuminating your yard. This can increase safety during wet summer evenings and snowy, icy winter nights. This will allow you to feel safer walking in and out of the house but will also deter criminals from approaching. If their actions are visible to neighbors or security cameras, burglars are far less likely to strike.

Motorized Shades

Just like with your smart lighting system, you can remotely raise and lower your home’s motorized shades when you’re away, making it appear someone is home. Additionally, you can set your blinds to a timer with your home automation system, so they’ll adjust on their own. When you are home, the window shades will automatically lower at dusk, granting you privacy in every room so that no one will be able to see inside.

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