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Control4 OS 3: Explore the New Features and Learn How to Upgrade

As Your Local Control4 Dealer, We’re Here to Help You Make the Most of Your System

Control4 OS 3: Explore the New Features and Learn How to Upgrade

In case you missed the news, Control4 last month released its biggest operating system upgrade to date, and it’s redefining the way you can control your smart home. Control4’s new Smart Home OS 3 is not only a complete revamp of the user interface’s look and feel, but it also offers new realms of customization and innovation to empower you to make your Control4 system uniquely your own.

As Decatur, Indiana’s local Control4 dealer, we at Innovative Concepts Audio & Video are excited to share with you the most notable features of OS 3 and provide instruction on how you can upgrade the existing Control4 system in your home. Read below for all the details.

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Fluid, Personalized Interface

Redesigned for a more streamlined user experience, the Control4 OS 3 interface does away with the circular-style layout and is now displayed in a grid-like style for a more powerful and universal GUI. You can now effortlessly drag-and-drop to add, remove, and arrange devices, streaming services, scenes, and more on the room screen of your choosing.

Add a pop of personality to every room dashboard with curated wallpapers from top interior designers, or choose your own photos from a personal library, and watch as they instantly sync across all your Control4 devices.

Interacting with your Control4 system has never been easier. The OS 3 interface automatically adjusts to any smart device for more fluid and intuitive gestures. Enjoy bigger, more readable icons, larger touch points, and smooth navigation across your tabletop tablet, smartphone,wall-mounted touchscreen, and TV.

Faster Access to Your Favorite Solutions

Accessing your most commonly used solutions across any room is faster than ever with OS 3’s Favorites dashboards. You can now prioritize the devices, scenes, and playlists you use most often in each room to create a more customized and simplified way of navigating any space in your home.

Simply press-and-hold any icon to “favorite” that solution so it’s front and center on your smart device of choice whenever you want it. Then easily drag to rearrange and delete as you desire. OS 3 lets you enjoy fewer taps and get to what you need much faster.

What’s more, your most popular devices aren’t limited to the rooms they are physically in. You can create a Favorites dashboard in one room to hold your most essential devices around the home for quick access to lights, shades, and more rather than navigating from room to room.

One-Touch Music & Video Streaming

Enjoying your music and video throughout the home is much more intuitive with the OS 3 Media Sessions dashboard. You can tap the Media Sessions icon displayed in the top-right corner of every room screen to open a universal overview of what is playing throughout the home. Enjoy one-touch control of power, volume, and room sharing for quick control of your home’s media.

The media playing in your house is also quickly visible and accessible with the Active Media bar at the top of your room screen, displaying media controls and track details where you can easily see and adjust them.

Better yet, OS 3 adds native support of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) so you can experience high-performance audio through streaming services like TIDAL or your own MQA-encoded music.

At-a-Glance Views of Vital Devices

At-a-glance views in OS 3 allow you to consolidate devices from across the whole house into a single screen so you can quickly view the status of your most important solutions, such as lighting, shades, door locks, and more.

The OS 3 device icons visually represent their individual states, such as a light left on or an unlocked door, so you can immediately take action to protect your home before going to sleep or leaving for work. Filter your devices to show only what’s on around the home so you can ensure your property is safe even faster.

While these features are truly impressive, there’s a lot more to explore in Control4’s OS 3. With more than 1,000 enhancements, OS 3 is designed to remove complexity from your life, enhance your smart home usability, and improve the fun of owning a Control4 system.


If you’re ready to upgrade your existing Control4 system to OS 3, contact our team – a Decatur-based Control4 dealer – to get started! We’ll ensure your system is updated correctly and seamlessly works together before handing the reins to you so you can customize your system to fit your needs.

For more information about Control4 OS 3, or to get started on an upgrade at your Northeast Indiana home, get in touch with our team by filling out our online contact form or sending us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you!