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Considering Stepping Up to Whole-House Audio?

Four Things to Consider for the Perfect Setup

Considering Stepping Up to Whole-House Audio?

You may already have one or two home audio systems. Maybe you have a wireless system but find the sound a little wanting with some types of music. Perhaps you want a system that doesn't require much fuss and want to pick up a remote to play something quickly. Maybe you want to enjoy the music while not seeing any visible equipment.

All of these reasons might lead you to consider stepping up to a whole-house audio system for your Ft. Wayne, IN home. But there are a few things to consider before you install anything in your home. We break it down in this blog so keep reading to learn more.

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The Speakers

When people think about audio systems, they gravitate to thinking about speakers first – it's only natural, the sound emanates from them. But speakers aren’t the only links in the chain. There are a plethora of speakers available for whole-house audio, from wireless, bookshelf, floor standing and architectural models.

The tremendous amount of speaker choices is a great thing, as it allows you to get the sound you want in every part of your home. Some people using the similar sound character of the same speaker brand throughout, but that is not a requirement. There are easy methods of integrating some equipment and speakers you currently own into a whole-house system, and you can choose different models that best fit the needs of different spaces. In some areas, a powered wireless speaker might be sufficient for background music, and in other spaces, you may have built-in solutions, while they all play well under the same system.


Unless you're considering powered active speakers - which contain their own amplification – matching amplifiers to speaker choices is a critical point. The number of rooms, speakers per room, and types of speakers desired all play a role in choosing the right amplification. In whole-house setups, distribution amplifiers are typically used to power multiple sets of speakers. The good news is that they can all be neatly rack-mounted and hidden in one central point, with no need to spread equipment to every room.

Audio Sources

You will want to look for a system that provides ways to route all the audio sources you like to listen to throughout the house. If you have an extensive digital music collection, you would want to quickly find the right artist or album and play it in whichever areas you choose. If you prefer a streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, or TIDAL on your smartphone, you'll want to stream those easily through the whole house.

A system like a Control4 EA-5 Controller doubles as a music server that provides many of the above-mentioned options within a single control solution. You can choose to listen to streaming music, pipe the sound from a TV to several rooms, or enjoy your vinyl collection through all your speakers with a connected turntable.

Effortless Control

Any whole-house audio system needs to be easy to operate, or it will likely see little use. One area of operation to consider is the number and type of control options. Do you want to use a smartphone app only? Can you use an AV remote with real buttons or prefer a touchscreen-only interface? Do you want customized wall-mounted keypads for easy access to simple controls? What about the option for voice control?

People tend to have different preferences (or pet peeves) when it comes to controls. You should ensure that you like the method of control required for use with your whole-house audio system. Systems from smart home vendors like Control4, for example, provide a large variety of options for system control.

The best whole-house audio system for your Ft. Wayne home is the one that is tailored to your needs – which is precisely what we do for you. Get started by contacting our team here or sending us a live chat below right now. We look forward to working with you!