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Combining Style and Design with Modern Technology

How Smart Home Design Helps Interior Designers

Combining Style and Design with Modern Technology

If you’re an interior designer serving Fort Wayne, IN, you’ve probably run into the issue of technology. While it makes our lives easier, it can be an eyesore if it’s not installed correctly.

So how do you incorporate the convenience of modern technology while still delivering an interior design that looks like it’s right out of a magazine? With smart home design techniques, of course.

Just keep reading for a few ways function intersects with fashion in private properties across the state.

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Technology Should be Felt and Not Seen

In most cases, users don’t have to see technology to receive its benefits. Instead, some of the most commonly used devices in a home can remain hidden from view – even when users are enjoying them.

For instance, recessed lighting means you don’t have to see your light fixtures hanging from the wall.

And in-wall speakers allow you to listen to great-sounding music without clunky floor-standing speakers taking up space in the living room.

But technology goes even farther to maintain clean lines in a modern smart home. Flush-mount installation of light switches and home control devices means your clients will hardly notice the different small components they use every day.

Hiding Large Components

When it comes to larger components – like a flat-panel 4K UHD television, few homeowners will want to minimize visibility. After all, how can you enjoy a TV you can’t see?

But that doesn’t mean they don’t want the option to hide it and enjoy the look of their rooms. If that’s the case, motorized lifts can help hide the components when they’re not in use.

With the touch of a button, the TV can emerge from a piece of furniture, from behind a painting or even out of the wall itself for easy viewing. Once the viewers are finished watching their favorite movie, another button returns it to its hiding place.

Structured Wiring

Some designers think the only way to minimize the appearance of technology is to go wireless. But, while wireless systems have come a long way, they’re still not as reliable as hardwired systems.

Thankfully, an expert installation of structured wiring should never be seen by the homeowner. Each connected component should be housed in an unused closet or basement, and wires should run through the wall or underground to ensure the space is covered.

At the end of the day, the technology functions without being seen.

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