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Back-to-School: How Smart Home Security Systems Add Peace of Mind

Stay in the Loop at Home During the Brand-New School Year

Back-to-School: How Smart Home Security Systems Add Peace of Mind

Just as quickly as it began, summer has come to an end here in Northeast Indiana.

The temperatures are beginning to cool, and a more telltale sign is that kids are back in school. If you don’t have a parent at home when the kids arrive at the house, this can be a stressful time of year; after all, how can you be sure they have made it home safe and sound every day?

A smart home security system can help your family in the Decatur or Fort Wayne area.

In this post, we reveal how a smart security system installation from the team at Innovative Concepts AV can help you gain peace of mind this school year. Keep reading below to find out more.


Be Alerted to When Your Kids Arrive Home

One of the most common features of an intelligent security system is that it will send customized push notifications to your smartphone when specific events around the house occur.

For example, you can receive a real-time notification whenever your garage door opens or someone correctly enters an access code on your front door’s smart lock.

This can be especially helpful toward alerting you to when your kids have arrived home from school. Instantly, you’ll receive a push notification informing you that someone has arrived home.

Then, you can follow up through remotely viewing live surveillance camera footage on your smartphone to confirm that your children indeed have arrived home from school.

No phone calls or text messages confirming their presence will be necessary – instead, your security system will let you know that your kids have arrived home safely. 

Check this short video out to explore how you can create customized notifications with an smart home security system from Innovative Concepts AV.

Use Smart Locks to Keep Your Family Safe

We hinted at this in the section above, but smart locks can have a significant impact in keeping your family safe during the school year.

Not only can a smart lock restrict access to only people who know a “secret” code, but one also allows you to view and change lock status remotely.

Perhaps your children forgot to lock the front door after they arrived home. Once you receive that push notification that your front door has been opened and you confirm through surveillance-camera footage that they are indeed back, you can go into an application on your smartphone and lock the door remotely.

Likewise, if your kids enter your home through the garage every day, you can receive a push notification alerting you to the fact that your garage door has been left open. Even if you’re several miles away, you can press a button on your smartphone to close the garage door – keeping your children safe.

Surveillance Cameras Can Help Keep You Connected

One of the best benefits of a smart home security system is that it allows you to stay connected with your house, even if you’re halfway around the world.

So, even if you’re still at work, you can check in on the kids at home while you’re at the office – making sure they’re doing their homework instead of watching TV or playing video games.

Simply log into your control application and view live high-definition security camera footage. You even can pan, tilt and zoom to ensure that all corners of your home are covered.

Best of all, you even can be alerted to motion around your front door – so that you quickly can be in the loop in the event of an unwelcome visitor. If your security cameras detect a threat, you can alert authorities directly from your smartphone application.

A smart home security system can be far more than just an alarm system; an integrated solution can genuinely give you much-needed peace of mind as the new school year gets underway.

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