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A Quick Guide to Commercial Audio Video for Businesses

Learn How to Upgrade Your Bluffton Business with Great A/V

A Quick Guide to Commercial Audio Video for Businesses

Whether you’re running a restaurant or a dental office, one thing Indiana business owners can agree on is that ambiance matters. Creating a great atmosphere for your customers is a surefire way to keep them coming back for more, but figuring out the right technology to promote that atmosphere can be daunting. That's where this guide comes in. If you’ve been considering giving your business a fresh look for the New Year, read over this guide to learn the best approach to getting the right commercial audio video setup.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Needs

Commercial audio video is a broad term. It can refer to the digital displays in your storefront window, interactive menus at your restaurant or an audio system blasting music throughout your venue. In short, it can be whatever you need it to be. So before you start looking at individual products or systems, take a step back to think about what those needs might be. Are you trying to get new customers in the door? Improve customer satisfaction for existing clients? Lower operational costs or improve employee efficiency?

The answers to those questions will impact the type of system that is ideal for your business, but there are some evergreen solutions that any good audio video system will have. First, you’ll likely want a solid audio system capable of promoting your branding with the right music at the right time. Second, you’ll want some sort of digital display. Because they’re so easy to update, digital displays allow you to constantly promote new offers or update your branding without the extra cost of paying for new print advertisements.

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Step 2: Connect the Dots

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when upgrading their audio video systems is to do it in a piecemeal fashion. This results in a mishmash system that requires a lot of manual effort to manage. Instead of integrating together smoothly, each device is completely separate, which is the opposite of the efficient system that you need.

Instead, create a strong foundation for your audio video with an automation system like Control4. Control4 works by connecting all of the devices in your business together for easy management. Instead of having separate remotes for the audio, digital displays, and even the lights throughout the building, you get one intuitive touchpad that controls everything.

A system like this does much more than just cut down on wasted time and effort. It also helps promote a cohesive look and feel throughout your business. For example, you never have to struggle to get the speakers to play audio in sync with what’s on display on your video wall because both aspects are part of the same system.

Step 3: Embrace the Possibilities

Once your system is installed and fully operational, don’t think you’re finished. Another huge mistake businesses make once their audio video system is in place is not leveraging it to its fullest potential. A quality A/V system is more than just a TV on the wall or speakers to play the local radio station. It’s a fully customizable solution with so many possibilities to make an impact.

When changing the displays throughout the building is as simple as pushing a button, you don’t have to stick with the same imagery or video every day. Do some testing to figure out what visuals or audio create the best result for your business. For example, you can set up your system to slowly ramp up the music throughout the day so that right before closing, a fast beat signals your customers to hurry up their shopping and head to the register. With the right system in place, the sky is the limit for what you can do.

Ready to get started with a commercial audio video upgrade for your Indiana company? You’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to take the first step toward improving the atmosphere at your business.