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6 Smart Solutions for a Safer Home Part 2

Home Security Features to Protect Your Berne Property

6 Smart Solutions for a Safer Home Part 2

Protecting your Bern, Indiana home doesn’t have to be hard – your integrated home security system can do much of the heavy lifting. In part one of this blog series, we covered some intelligent ways to protect your network and store surveillance footage. In this edition, we’ll cover some of the physical aspects of home protection. Find out more after the jump.


Geofencing Technology

Have you ever left the house and it suddenly struck you that you forgot to turn off the oven? Or do you ever wonder if your doors were accidentally left unlocked? These are common (and potentially dangerous) problems that many homeowners face every day.

One of the most efficient ways to alleviate theses small stresses is with geofencing technology. By tracking your location via your smartphone’s internal GPS, your home can switch to different settings automatically. When you cross a particular threshold, your home can switch to away mode, locking all the doors, lowering the shades, dimming the lights and raising the thermostat. If you move past a further preset point, the home can switch to vacation mode, where all electronics besides security and surveillance gear is shut down. Geofencing offers a hands-free way of securing your home with little effort.

Video-Enabled Entry Systems

Smart locks are an effective way of tracking the status of your doorways remotely. And with video capabilities, you’re able to see who’s at the door even when you’re miles away. Most video entry systems offer the ability to communicate using your smartphone or tablet, ensuring that you can verify their identity with ease. Once confirmed, unlock the door with a touch of a button on your control device.

Motion and Chemical Sensors

Motion sensors are a common way to regulate energy consumption because they can prompt your lighting, shading and thermostat to react only when they detect a human presence. But they can also ensure that your various security components respond to potential threats. Motion sensors can turn on flood lights, activate surveillance cameras and send push notifications to your smartphone when movement is detected.

Chemical sensors are also an essential part of a safe home. Harmful gasses like CO2 can easily creep into a home, so preparation is imperative. By integrating chemical sensors with your HVAC system, your home can automatically flush out dangerous gasses.

An Integrated System

Of course, the beauty of a smart home is that every device works together to keep you comfortable and safe. Your surveillance cameras can be integrated with your smart locks to react when the latter is tampered with, and your smart locks can be combined with your lighting to illuminate your home in the need of quick evacuation. Each component works separately, but when they work together your home becomes safer.

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