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5 Easy Ways to Get More from Your Home Automation System

Make Sure You’re Maximizing the Capabilities of Your Home’s Smart Technology

5 Easy Ways to Get More from Your Home Automation System

A home automation system is a significant investment on your part, and once the installation is complete, you want to know that you’re taking full advantage of what your system has to offer. However, if you’re not a technology expert, it can be difficult to know what you can do to get the most from your smart home.

This is where it pays to have an automation expert you can call on. That’s why today’s blog will focus on five simple steps that Indiana homeowners in the Fort Wayne area can take to get the most utility from their home automation system.

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Your home network is the backbone of your entire automation system. Your devices rely on your network to communicate with each other, and your network speed will determine whether or not you get a smooth experience when you’re streaming audio or video content. If you’re experiencing communication hiccups as you’re trying to use your devices or get stutters when you’re trying to stream your favorite movie, it’s probably time to take a look at your network.


There are certain moments where you use your home automation system every day, from watching a movie to when you’re heading off to work. A simple way to make automation work better for you is to program scenes that automatically activate multiple systems at once for easy use.

One example is when you’re sitting down to relax and watch a movie. Your automation system gives you control over your lights and motorized shades, along with your TV and speakers. Instead of going through these systems individually to lower your shades, turn on your A/V system and get your lights just right – you can create a scene that does all these actions with just one button press. Take this principle and apply it to other common settings around your home.


The easiest home automation system to use is one you don’t have to touch at all, and you can set up schedules for your system operate like that. One way to do this is to set your home security system to turn on, your lights to turn off and your shades to lower at the same time every day when you leave for work. You can then have your security system disengage as your lights come back on whenever you typically return home. This way your system is working for you while you aren’t doing any work at all.


There may be all sorts of useful actions your system can take to make your life simpler, but figuring out what they all are can take some time. One way to speed up that process is to check out our online video library. We have easy-to-understand videos on controlling your A/V system, lights, security system and more. Who knows what you might discover about your system with just a little bit of research?


There may be an impulse to keep your automation system static once you’ve completed your initial installation. However, adding new components and technologies can help expand what your system can do. For instance, adding a home intercom to your smart security system not only makes it easier to communicate with your family when you’re at home, it also gives you a way to contact them in an emergency even if your Internet connection and landline aren’t working.

This is just the start of making your home automation system work at its best for you. For more information on our smart home solutions, call us at (260) 724-2276, click on the chat box in the corner of your browser, or simply contact us here.