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5 Benefits of Integrated Access Control for Improved Security

Smart Access Control May Be the Missing Link to Your Commercial Security System

5 Benefits of Integrated Access Control for Improved Security

Access control innovations have been evolving for millennia, increasing in their security measures with every upgrade. What started as a simple wooden pin lock some 6,000 years ago is now a variety of solutions that have done away with the physical key altogether, from electronic keycards and PIN codes to even facial recognition.

If your commercial property in Fort Wayne, IN, is still practicing the traditional lock-and-key method, you may be putting your building and staff at risk. Access control solutions from our team at Innovative Concepts offer security-enhancing benefits that a physical key can’t, such as remote lockdown capability, entry monitoring, and easy integration with your building’s automation system.

The keyless future is happening now. Keep reading to learn five benefits of integrated access control and why you should incorporate it into your commercial security system.

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Control Who Has Entry Access & When

By using card swipes or PIN codes for entry, you are in control of who has access to your building at all times. Restrict unauthorized access and reduce possible theft by keeping your entries secure and accessible only to those with working cards or active PIN codes.

With access control, set up time schedules for staff and short-term access for cleaners or visitors for even more management over who enters your property. If an employee or visitor loses their card, you can deactivate it right away and create a new one for them. Never again will you have to nervously loan out a key and hope it doesn’t get lost or placed into the wrong hands.

Lock and Unlock Entrances Remotely

Not sure if you locked up before leaving? You can instantly secure your property from wherever you are by using the associated access control app on your smartphone. This feature is beneficial in the event of an emergency as well, especially if your building has more than one entrance and needs to be locked  quickly. What’s more, if you need to let someone into the building but aren’t there to do it, just use your phone to let them in and then lock up behind them.

View Activity Logs

Keep track of foot traffic coming in and going out of your building by viewing detailed audit trail reports that let you know who entered or left your property and when. Each authorized personnel entering or exiting your commercial space will have custom cards or PIN codes that are associated with their name so you can see exactly who entered or left when—and from what entryway.

Receive Push Notifications

Customize how you receive notifications to your smartphone or computer based on specific events. Want to know when there is a security breach? Or maybe you want to know when a certain authorized employee or visitor enters or exits your property. Whatever the event may be, instantly receive a push notification when it occurs so you are always in the know.

Integrate with Various Smart Solutions

For optimum security and convenience, integrate your access control with your surveillance system, fire and burglar alarms, smart thermostats, lighting system, and more. For example, when you remotely lock up your building, your lights can dim or turn off, and your thermostats can set to an energy-saving temperature. If an anti-duress code is used to enter your property, the code can trigger your alarm system and notify the authorities.

Our team at Innovative Concepts can customize the perfect security solution for you so that you can feel confident about your staff’s safety and get on with managing your property. Let us help you take your commercial security system into the 21st century. Just contact us here or send a chat below to start talking with a professional security system installer now.