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3 Ways Control4 OS 3 Helps You Get Ready for the Holidays

Enjoy Less Stress and More Fun This Season with a Little Help from Your Local Control4 Dealer

3 Ways Control4 OS 3 Helps You Get Ready for the Holidays

Any Control4 homeowner understands the personalized comfort and convenience that Control4 brings to their everyday routines, but how many take advantage of their Control4 system during the holidays?

The holidays are the perfect time to optimize your smart home system to not only calm the stress of the season but to showcase all that your Control4 system is capable of. Streamline your holiday tasks and impress guests with one-tap scenes that help create the perfect holiday haven at home.

As your local Control4 dealer in the DeKalb County, IN area, we have the Control4 tips and tricks you need to make this holiday the best one yet. Read our tips and check out the corresponding Control4 OS 3 tutorial videos below!

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Intercom Anywhere

Family and friends are continually coming in and out of your home throughout the holiday season, and you can’t always be at the door to greet them. Control4’s Intercom Anywhere lets you instantly communicate with anyone at the door, no matter where you are, so you can quickly check to see who is there and greet them accordingly.

Receive a notification on your smartphone when someone approaches your front door and either video chat with them or immediately let them in by remotely unlocking your door using the same app. This way, you’ll never have to stop the task at hand to let people inside.

Control4’s Intercom Anywhere is perfect for package deliveries, too. Receive an alert when a delivery person approaches your door or gate, unlock your entry so they can drop off your packages, and then immediately lock up behind them as they leave. You don’t even have to be home to make sure your packages are safely protected inside your property.


Custom Lighting Scenes

Custom lighting scenes let you paint the inside and outside of your home with dynamic layers of beautiful lights, perfect for any holiday party. Welcome guests with an illuminated curbside that lures visitors straight to your door; set the mood indoors with perfectly bright accent light fixtures, dimmed overhead lighting, and glowing floor lighting that highlights stairways and hallways.

No matter how you decide to use the lighting inside and outside your home, Control4 makes it easy to set the scene in just a tap. Whether you create a “Party” scene that adjusts all the lighting in your home accordingly, or you decide to control every room individually, the Control4 OS 3 interface makes it simple and intuitive so you can spend less time adjusting lights and more time enjoying your holiday party.

Whole-Home Audio and Video

Music and movies play a huge role in how we celebrate the season. There’s almost always a holiday movie playing in the family room or a holiday playlist streaming in the kitchen. With Control4 audio and video distribution, you can effortlessly enjoy all your favorite holiday media in any room at any time.

Instantly see what media is being played where in your home by viewing the Media Sessions screen on your Control4 system. If someone is listening to holiday music on the back porch, you can distribute that same music to the speakers in your living room. Perhaps your spouse is watching a Hallmark movie in your bedroom; bring the whole family together by playing the same movie in the media room, too.

AV distribution is ideal for holiday parties, as well. Easily manage and adjust the playlists streaming outdoors and in the dining room while keeping an eye on the movies and music your kids are enjoying upstairs. It’s as easy as a tap and a swipe on your smart device of choice.

Take advantage of your Control4 system this season! Get the latest tips and tricks by viewing our online tutorial videos, or learn more about what Control4 can do for your everyday lifestyle by contacting our team here. You can also send us a live chat below to get in touch with a Control4 specialist right now. We look forward to helping you have a merrier, less stressful holiday.