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3 Tips to Elevate Your Home Automation System This Summer

These Smart Home Tips Will Help You Have a More Enjoyable Summer

3 Tips to Elevate Your Home Automation System This Summer

At Innovative Concepts AV, we have one favorite fact about home automation: There never is a final solution. You always can build upon your system, adding technologies designed to elevate your lifestyle further.

After all, that’s exactly the purpose behind the idea of smart homes: Integrated technology is meant to simplify and enhance your lifestyle, adding ease and a new level of enjoyment to day-to-day tasks.

So, what are the essential updates or additions you can make to your home automation system – especially now, just in time for the summer?

Below, we share three of the best ways you can upgrade your Allen County home automation setup for the warm weather.


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Outdoor Entertainment Integration

One common misconception about smart home systems is that the technology within that system must be confined to the indoors.

Our team knows that simply isn’t true. In fact, we have years of experience in adding outdoor entertainment technology to smart homes throughout Northeast Indiana.

Among the dedicated outdoor technologies you can add to your home automation setup: Landscape speakers, weatherproof TVs, smart lighting control, and even pool and spa control.

Within a professionally integrated solution, of course, you can manage all of these independent components through the convenience of a smartphone application.

That means as you lounge outside, you can turn on your outdoor TV and begin watching your favorite Netflix series without ever using a remote or getting up from your chaise lounge.

But you also can create automation commands that will activate without you even needing to touch a button.

For example, perhaps you and your family have a routine of spending Saturday afternoons lounging by the pool in your backyard.

By scheduling a simple automation command, you can simply sit back and soak in the sun as music instantly begins playing through your outdoor speakers, your spa jets automatically turn on and your pool heats to your family’s preferred temperature.

Best of all, you can easily create and delete automation tasks as you go. That way, you always can optimize your smart home system to benefit your family further.


Smarter Energy Management

Another way that home automation systems can be more effective in the summer is through more integrated energy management.

We all know that energy bills in the summer typically are higher than average as your air conditioning system uses more electricity to cool your home’s interior.

But what if your home automation setup routinely worked to lower your energy consumption, without you even pressing a button?

When paired with occupancy sensors, for example, smart thermostats can recognize when your family is away from home and instantly launch into an eco-friendly mode that consumes less energy.

If you know your day-to-day schedule every week, you even can create thermostat schedules, as shown in our video below.



A smart thermostat, though, is only part of what an integrated energy management solution can achieve through home automation.

With integrated lighting control and motorized shades, for example, when your system detects your home is unoccupied, not only will your thermostat launch into eco-mode, but your motorized shades will lower and lights will turn off – further saving you from unnecessary energy consumption.

Even while your family is at home, you can schedule for shades and lights to automatically react to outdoor temperature changes or direct sunlight entering your spaces.


Home Automation Mockupancy

While smart home automation can add to your lifestyle while you are at home, it also can help keep your property safe while you’re away on your summer vacations.

Here’s how: Your automation system can initiate a “Mockupancy” setting, which will activate your home’s technology to give the appearance to bystanders that your house is occupied while you’re away.

This setting takes your previous lighting and shading usage into consideration. While a “Mockupancy” scene is active, your home’s lights and shades will operate according to your typical usage patterns.

That way, your home will give the appearance to potential intruders that it’s occupied – making it a much less viable target for burglaries.


Interested in one of these upgrades for your Northeast Indiana home automation system this summer? Our team at Innovative Concepts AV can help.

Just click the live chat button below to learn more about our home automation services for your family!