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3 Features to Look for in Your Next Business Security System

Start the New Year Right with AI, Remote Access Control, and Improved Cybersecurity

3 Features to Look for in Your Next Business Security System

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to reflect and refocus for business success in 2020. Your company may have seen many successes or shortcomings in 2019, so how will you make the new year even better?

Equipping your business with innovative security technology that helps you visualize trends within your business, manage activity while you’re away, and improve cybersecurity is a great start. With a smarter business security system in place, your company will thrive more than ever before.

Below, we explore three features you should look for in your next security system upgrade that will help position your Indiana business for success in 2020.

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Artificial Intelligence

A recent and significant change happening in commercial technology solutions is the integration of artificial intelligence to help businesses understand customer behavior and make predictions for what their customers will do in the future.

Video surveillance analytics with integrated AI provides an intelligent layer of security and awareness for business owners and managers. You can selectively control and manage real-time alerts and assign virtual zones and multi-directional "tripwires" to monitor your property for specific activity.

For example, vendor validation will confirm and alert you that a delivery truck has pulled into the loading dock. However, you won’t be notified each time a customer exits the building. If a customer hovers too long in a restricted area, you’ll be instantly notified. With AI, your surveillance system is always learning to help you visualize trends and proactively prevent problems before they start.

Fully Integrated Access Control

Whether you own a small storefront or manage a large office building, you need more than a physical lock and key to properly protect your business. With smart access control, you can easily track and manage access to your property via an intuitive smartphone app—from anywhere in the world.

Digital codes keep entry access in the right hands while a physical key can be stolen, lost, and used by unauthorized personnel. Assign personalized user codes to employees so you can track who enters the building and when. Each code can be easily changed or disabled from your smartphone or desktop if needed.

Create temporary guest codes for contractors and cleaning crews, which expire after a specified period of time so that they cannot be used again. When you’re out of town, you can receive real-time alerts when someone attempts entry, leaves the property, or a door is left unlocked. You’ll always be in the know and can instantly lock or unlock your building from your smartphone.

Robust Cybersecurity

The security of your business goes beyond physical protection. In fact, your computer system is likely more at risk of intrusion than your brick and mortar establishment. Hackers are getting smarter, so it’s important to invest in a security system that helps prevent online attacks—especially if you run your business online.

Equipping your business with enterprise network equipment, installing robust firewalls, regularly changing your passwords, and setting up anti-virus and malware protections can significantly help keep your company safe from cyberattacks and data loss. For added measure, work with an IT professional like Innovative Concepts AV to regularly monitor your network and run diagnostics to ensure your systems are healthy around the clock.

Plan for a successful year by arming your company with smart business security solutions. Learn how to get started by contacting our team here or sending us a live chat below right now. We look forward to helping you take on 2020!