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3 Benefits of Business Security You Didn’t Know About

Go Beyond Securing Your Valuables with a Smart Business Security System from

3 Benefits of Business Security You Didn’t Know About

Businesses small and large are increasingly switching to smarter security systems for benefits such as live video monitoring, mobile alerts for detected motion, keyless access control, and more. In fact, your Indiana business may already implement a smart security solution like to ensure your staff and valuables are safe whether you’re in the store or away.

While offers extensive features to proactively protect your business, the benefits of an business security system don’t stop there. Not sure if you’re maximizing the power of your system? Learn what else offers you and your Fort Wayne-area business below.

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Visualize Business Trends 

A business security system by not only integrates your PoE surveillance cameras, alarm system, thermostats, motion sensors, and access management into a single, mobile-friendly interface, but it also provides operational insights for at-a-glance visibility of various business trends to help you make smarter decisions for your company.

Receive a daily, weekly, or monthly user-friendly report on your smart device of choice showing a range of trends happening throughout your business. From your phone, tablet, or desktop, view easy-to-spot changes that can help you make better decisions for staffing, showcasing merchandise, energy use, and securing different access points. Instantly view patterns in events such as peak or slow customer activity, open/close times, when and which motion sensors were activated, and more.

Uncover Notable Activity 

Along with visualizing trends, an business security system also assists in pinpointing unexpected activity that would otherwise be difficult to notice when you’re busy running your store. Receive a custom report to your smart device of choice showing unexpected entry before or after hours, who accessed certain entry points at what time, whether doors were left propped open or unlocked, and more.’s at-a-glance view of unexpected activity and staff timestamps can help you make proactive decisions that help keep your business safe. Each staff member is given an individual and unique user code. Know what time your alarm system was deactivated every day and by which staff member, and ensure your staff is properly arming the store at closing time. 

Put Money Back into Your Business 

When you integrate smart thermostats with your business security system, you’ll be able to monitor the temperatures throughout your store at any time of day or night—whether you’re there or across the globe.

Manage and monitor temperatures directly from your smartphone, and program your thermostats to set to eco-mode when premises are empty to ensure you’re only using energy when it’s needed. You can also lock thermostat settings locally, specify minimum and maximum temperature ranges throughout your store, and grant access to authorized users to change the thermostats before, during, or after hours.

Maximize the power of your business security today with As an authorized dealer, our team at Innovative Concepts AV can help every step of the way. Reach out to our security experts by filling out our online contact form or sending us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you!