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Articles in Category: Smart Home Automation

How to Prepare Your New Home For Smart Automation

Give Your Property the Infrastructure to Support the Latest Technology

How to Prepare Your New Home For Smart Automation

The process of buying or building a new-construction home can be exhilarating. It’s your opportunity to put your personal touch on your family’s future residence. You can include whatever features you want in your new house.

Perhaps one of those upgrades you’re considering is smart home automation. After all, it’s the best way you can add convenience to your lifestyle and make control of your technology efficient and even fun.

Before the drywall even goes up on your new home, though, you should get in touch with your local technology integration experts.

How can Innovative Concepts provide your family with a top-of-the-line home automation solution, right here in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area? More importantly, why should you work with a home technology expert?

Just keep reading to find out.

Prewiring: The Best Way to Ensure Smart Home Construction Success

Explore How Prewiring is the Key to Successful Smart Home Automation

Prewiring: The Best Way to Ensure Smart Home Construction Success

If you’re a home builder or architect in Adams County, Indiana, you likely already face plenty of competition.

Therefore, the following question is essential: how can you differentiate your business and attract new clients?

Look no further than this statistic: while at the end of 2016, the smart home rate in the United States was just 12.5 percent, that number is expected to grow to 28 percent by the end of 2021.

More and more people are demanding smart home automation systems, and that means your construction firm has a new opportunity for profit.

By working with Innovative Concepts, your local smart home company, you can include smart home technology in your new constructions.

But before we even install technology, there’s one step that’s most significant to building a successful smart home system: prewiring.

Below, we’ll explore the significance of prewiring and how it can benefit your construction project. Just keep reading to find out more.

Is Smart Home Automation Right for You?

Find the Level of Automation that’s a Perfect Fit

Is Smart Home Automation Right for You?

As many benefits as smart home automation has to offer, it’s true that it’s not ideal for everyone. But the big question is whether it’s right for you. Innovative Concepts Audio & Video has helped Indiana residents from Auburn to Bluffton find the right mix of technology to suit their needs. Below, we’ve outlined two main factors that are important when assessing home automation: the potential benefits and the control methods.