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Innovative Concepts AV is your local installation and service partner for home automation systems. Find out more through our ongoing blog series.

How Your Home Automation System Can Save You Energy This Winter

Lower Your Energy Bills With a Smart Home Technology Solution

How Your Home Automation System Can Save You Energy This Winter

Fall weather has arrived here in Northeast Indiana, and before you know it, we’ll soon be experiencing those freezing temperatures and dreary weather conditions that come with winter.

Winter, of course, is also synonymous with rising energy bills as your home heating systems consume extra energy to keep your house warm during the cold weather.

If you’re looking to cut down on energy-spending costs this winter or simply want to make your house in the Fort Wayne area more environmentally friendly, a home automation system can help.

With an integrated technology solution, smart systems throughout your house can automatically work to limit your energy consumption.

In this blog, we explore how two particular components of your home automation setup are specially designed to make your home more energy-efficient in the winter.

What Can You Control Through a Home Automation System?

Explore the Possibilities for Your House in Northeast Indiana

What Can You Control Through a Home Automation System?

Through the years on our blog, we have explored many topics about smart home automation: We dove into the benefits of it, explained how to ensure a successful system and more.

But what if you’re just starting to think about adding a home automation system to your house in Huntertown or elsewhere in Northeast Indiana?

Perhaps you haven’t done much research on the topic and you’re just now looking into it. You might have several questions, including some basic ones such as what even are the technologies that a home automation setup can control?

In fact, one of the best benefits of home automation is how you can simplify the controls for a wide range of technologies throughout your house.

Below, we detail some of the many technologies that you can manage through an integrated home system.

3 Tips to Elevate Your Home Automation System This Summer

These Smart Home Tips Will Help You Have a More Enjoyable Summer

3 Tips to Elevate Your Home Automation System This Summer

At Innovative Concepts AV, we have one favorite fact about home automation: There never is a final solution. You always can build upon your system, adding technologies designed to elevate your lifestyle further.

After all, that’s exactly the purpose behind the idea of smart homes: Integrated technology is meant to simplify and enhance your lifestyle, adding ease and a new level of enjoyment to day-to-day tasks.

So, what are the essential updates or additions you can make to your home automation system – especially now, just in time for the summer?

Below, we share three of the best ways you can upgrade your Allen County home automation setup for the warm weather.