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Articles in Category: Commercial Security System Fort Wayne, IN

Innovative Concepts AV is a premier commercial security system designer and installer for Fort Wayne, Indiana, and beyond. Explore our custom solutions here.

3 Essential Components of a Top-Notch Commercial Security System

Keep Your Business Safe with these Reliable Security Solutions

3 Essential Components of a Top-Notch Commercial Security System

Running a business entails a variety of responsibilities: building sales funnels, researching the competition, managing staff, nurturing customer relationships, and much more. Your arms are stretched in several directions every day, so why would you want to tack on more stress with an out-of-date commercial security system?

Today’s security systems are smarter than they’ve ever been. A robust, reliable system installed by our team at Innovative Concepts offers you smart solutions such as 24/7 video surveillance, remote access management, and integration with technologies like your thermostats and lights for more comprehensive control.

Is your business’ security system lagging behind? Read below to explore the essential components of a top-notch security system that your Fort Wayne, Indiana, business needs now.

5 Benefits of Integrated Access Control for Improved Security

Smart Access Control May Be the Missing Link to Your Commercial Security System

5 Benefits of Integrated Access Control for Improved Security

Access control innovations have been evolving for millennia, increasing in their security measures with every upgrade. What started as a simple wooden pin lock some 6,000 years ago is now a variety of solutions that have done away with the physical key altogether, from electronic keycards and PIN codes to even facial recognition.

If your commercial property in Fort Wayne, IN, is still practicing the traditional lock-and-key method, you may be putting your building and staff at risk. Access control solutions from our team at Innovative Concepts offer security-enhancing benefits that a physical key can’t, such as remote lockdown capability, entry monitoring, and easy integration with your building’s automation system.

The keyless future is happening now. Keep reading to learn five benefits of integrated access control and why you should incorporate it into your commercial security system.

The Importance of Smart Environmental Sensors for Business Security

Your Commercial Security System Does More Then Guarding Against Intruders

The Importance of Smart Environmental Sensors for Business Security

If you own any commercial space here in Northeast Indiana, you know just how essential it is to showcase a security system.

Features like access control limit unwanted guests in your business’ most important spaces; alarms and window-break sensors can instantly alert authorities to a break-in; and surveillance cameras can deter criminal activity and allow you to keep an eye on your business 24/7.

But an often-overlooked feature of commercial security systems is environmental sensors; and we don’t just mean smoke detectors. If you want to keep your business in the Fort Wayne area safe from not only intruders, but also internal threats, adding smart environmental sensors to your commercial setting is a must.

Check out some of the ways environmental sensors can keep your business safe below.